About Anthem Hospitality

Anthem Hospitality is celebrated for its breadth of capabilities within the hospitality industry, providing a full and robust event experience for all events. Whether an event is private or public, intimate or large scale, upscale or casual, Anthem’s hospitality team is able to manage all food and beverage needs with grace.

Private Event CateringAnthem Hospitality specializes in catering, concession management and execution, hospitality consulting, and event management. Additionally, Anthem Hospitality creates and operates multiple properties including restaurants, bars, an in-house catering company, and hospitality ventures.

Anthem Hospitality is the hospitality branch of The Anthem Group, a collection of internationally recognized entities in the live entertainment, event production, hospitality and experiential marketing industries. Anthem Hospitality’s expansive portfolio includes the ownership of food and beverage rights to Boston’s renown Esplanade park, as well as Anthem’s flagship venue: The Charles River Bistro. As part of its global operation, Anthem Hospitality offers catering, as well as concession management and execution services in Anthem’s international markets like South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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