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Board of Advisors

The Anthem Group’s Advisory Board is comprised of prominent leaders with expertise in Anthem’s principal industries and involvement with Anthem’s foremost philanthropic initiatives. The Board is represented across three subsections.

Collectively the individuals contribute experience, knowledge and guidance. The Board functions in an advisory role but is also hands-on to facilitate new initiatives, strategize public realm activation and spearhead special projects. The Board is dedicated to providing diverse and unique perspective. The most common areas of collaboration include community programming, arts and entertainment, and a wide array of placemaking campaigns.

Arts & Entertainment

Ashley Mercurio

Ashley Mercurio is the National Events Director and Managing Partner for The Anthem Group – a collection of highly acclaimed and award-winning entities.

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Jackie Robbins

Jackie Robbins is a New England and Boston native, proud Emerson College alum, and now a global producer with 15 years of award winning and high-profile experience.

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Kahleil Blair

Kahleil Blair has grown to be synonymous with Boston music & culture, excelling as an on-air personality and recording artist.

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Andrew Dennen

Andrew Dennen has excelled in a variety of client servicing and customer success roles with the Boston Red Sox for over a decade.

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Ajay Sisodia

AJ currently serves as the Managing Director of Business Development for the Innovations Center at Truth Initiative.

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Julie Wetherbee

Julie Wetherbee is a business owner with expertise in several industries, from broadcasting to marketing to real estate.

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Harlem Logan

Harlem Logan is a still photographer and videographer based in Nevada who finds solace in imagery.

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Kristy Fagone

Kristy specializes in creating onboarding and training programs for new and existing employees to take their knowledge to the next level.

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Lilliana Barrera

Liliana is a professional dancer and instructor with more than 18 years of experience in both
performing and teaching.

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Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth is an internationally experienced, multi-faceted dance performer who specializes in belly dance and aerial arts.

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Lumyr Derisier

Lumyr Derisier is a Boston native dancer and photographer who has been shooting events for over a decade.

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Melissa Frost

Melissa Frost is a Business Development Manager at Robinson & Cole LLP.

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Placemaking & Culture

Jess Wong

Jesse is responsible for the growth of SCIB cash management portfolio focusing on Technology, Media & Telecom, Industrials, Consumer, Retail & Healthcare, and Financial Institution Group.

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Alberto Ferreira

For over a decade, Alberto Ferreira has mastered patron experiences on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Nicole Underwood

Nicole is a dynamic connector and storyteller who specializes in implementing strategies to promote connectivity, engagement and education through music and the arts.

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Nisreen Galloway

Nisreen Galloway is the co-founder of Crème de Liqueur, a liquor-infused ice cream custard made in Massachusetts.

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Jennifer Bowman

Jennifer Bowman worked in the corporate world as a software sales professional for 15 years before transferring her skillset into the non-profit world as an accomplished fundraiser.

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Kara Ruthie

Kara Ruth is a United States Air Force veteran and Labor & Delivery Specialist, traveling from city to city.

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Rocio Becerra

Rocio provides operational support & management to one of Georgia’s largest transportation companies, Cooper-Global.

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Layla Evans

Ms. Evans has extensive experience in hospitality, sales, and guest experience.

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Raiza Fonseca

Raiza Fonseca, MIB, MIM is the Project Coordinator at The Anthem Group and an active volunteer in Puerto Rico.

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Shelby Elwell

Shelby Elwell is the Program Manager for The Anthem Group, as well as the leading force behind over 400 free public programs.

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Erica Schatz

Erica Schatz has been a K-8 educator for the past 15 years.

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JJ Long

J.J. is a fine artist, musician, actor, and entrepreneur.

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Ali Akell

Ali Akell is an artist and painter who has been involved with The Anchor’s curation process for programmatic and aesthetic placemaking since its inception.

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Alejandro Bolvi

Alejandro Bolvi is a Mexican entrepreneur and professional musician.

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Paige Frawley

Paige Frawley is a local Boston artist and hotel concierge.

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Ashley Mercurio

Ashley Mercurio is the National Events Director and Managing Partner for The Anthem Group – a collection of highly acclaimed and award-winning entities.

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Strategy & Finance

Jorge Sagastume

Jorge Sagastume is a business professional experienced in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, technology, and intellectual property protection.

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Mark Hubbard

Mark Hubbard is an independent consultant providing services exclusively to senior management, primarily in media, entertainment and sports.

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Michelle Parad

Michelle Parad is a director at Insurance Risk Management who thrives on automation and efficiency.

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Alison Doherty

Ms. Alison Doherty is a Vice President in the Global Credit Finance division, at State Street Bank & Trust Company, which provides financing for a diverse client portfolio.

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Dr. Daniela Tridente

Daniela Tridente is a Brazilian Radiologist currently working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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Michael R. Kirby

Michael R. Kirby is an accomplished C-level Executive with a history of success at driving global growth of financial services organizations.

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Dr. Steven Ian Meisel

Dr. Steven Ian Meisel specializes in the development of management skills and management communication.

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Joshua Gentine

Joshua Gentine is a private consultant working with start-up companies to execute go-to-market strategies through consultation in production, procurement, marketing and distribution.

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Jen Dubois

Jen Dubois brings diverse professional, community-driven and philanthropic experiences to The Anthem Group – specifically its community initiatives with The Anchor.

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Brian R. Shaefgen

Brian R. Schaefgen is CFO of 5 BARS, a telecommunications infrastructure firm.

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Dr. Colleen Marchetta

Colleen Marchetta, DO is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician and a Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.

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Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair is the Founder and President of The Anthem Group – the parent organization of all Anthem-related properties.

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