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Food & Beverage

Full Service Catering

Anthem Hospitality prides itself on the ability to provide full-service catering for both large-scale and intimate events. Boasting extensive and diverse food and beverage, including full bar catering options, each of Anthem’s selections are handpicked to complement any event or meeting. From planning to food preparation to providing unmatched service, every occasion requires the attention to detail that Anthem prides itself on.

Anthem Hospitality’s distinguished catering services excel at meeting needs of all events – no matter the size or taste. Our culinary team will source only the freshest ingredients available to customize a menu fit for both guest experience and budget.

Anthem’s on and off premise catering services include:

Concession Operation

Anthem Hospitality employs a systematic approach to concession and merchandizing design that optimizes attendee flow, complements the overall event layout and takes consumer trends and habits into account. Anthem leverages its decade of orchestrating concessions in some of the world’s largest public-celebrations, the company’s robust knowledge of full event production and its work in a variety of outdoor spaces and venues.
Anthem Hospitality provides concessionaire services for large-scale productions such as:
Public Parks
Civic Events
Fairs & Festivals
Beaches & Waterfronts
Ski Mountains

Event Food & Beverage Management

Apart from group events and corporate catering, Anthem specializes in managing extensive and intricate food and beverage operations. 

Anthem offers end-to-end management of operations, spanning short and long-term projects, inclusive of managing multiple vendors, overseeing various aspects of the business and providing food and beverage services. Oftentimes a hybrid model is deployed between Anthem operating an in-house concession operation in addition to management of multiple external vendors and partners.