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Making an impact

The Anthem Group will continue to evolve and expand as a multi-industry and multi-brand enterprise while sustaining its commitment to empowering communities, using company resources as a catalyst for positive social change and Anthem as a vehicle for good.

Utilizing its international presence and paying fanatical attention to consistency and detail, Anthem is dedicated to creating diverse, imaginative and unparalleled ventures.

Anthem is recognized among the most progressive and innovative firms in each of its industries: live entertainment and music, large-scale event production, experiential marketing, hospitality, tourism and placemaking. Anthem also launches a continuous stream of new entrepreneurial endeavors across multiple sectors.

Anthem’s Core Objectives & Expectations:

1Differentiate Anthem through tireless dedication to innovation, exploration and ideation. Preserve Anthem’s entrepreneurial edge while vigorously increasing the scope and diversity of business.

2Uphold Anthem’s people focused culture. The commitment to supporting and developing the Anthem family both personally and professionally will always remain a fundamental cultural hallmark.

3Utilize Anthem’s scope as a platform for creating tangible impact and improvement in our local and global communities. Anthem will forever assimilate social mission into its properties, projects and people.

4Leverage each Anthem entity to position all companies for success and enhance The Anthem Group’s overarching multi-industry standing by increasing economies of scale, capitalizing on self-sufficiency and sharing resources and experiences.

5Spearhead ventures that simultaneously focus on doing well and doing good. Apply the same core values, ideologies, leadership and managerial principles that enabled Anthem’s success with each new opportunity.

6 Maintain Anthem’s distinct dual focus on internal properties and client-driven projects and programs.

7Extend mentorship to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurial minds with the potential to create scalable and impactful organizations.

8Continually evaluate and redefine the roles of each company of The Anthem Group to ensure optimal experiences for our patrons, partners, collaborators and clients.

The core purpose of The Anthem Group is to pioneer content creation, to establish landmark and non-traditional venues and accommodations, to optimize and exceed our partners’ goals, to expand Anthem’s cross-industry presence, to find the next opportunity, and to build profitable ventures. All while supporting community development, civic engagement and philanthropic causes.

Anthem emphasizes its devotion to elevating and mobilizing others, particularly with youth, education and job initiatives. The obligation of doing well and doing good is ingrained into Anthem. The commitment to our people, to our communities and to our entrepreneurial roots defines the unique and inventive Anthem culture.