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Reload & Reinvent

In sports, there is saying about the truly great organizations…the Titans of their respective league: good teams do not rebuild, they reload. The same is true off the playing field. Great business organizations also do not just rebuild, they reload and reinvent. They evolve when situations are difficult and challenges need to be met. They move forward when people give up on them. They prove everyone wrong when they are doubted. They intelligently and strategically fight on.

This may sound like I am talking about an individual and to some degree that is true. We must remember that teams are composed of individuals much like companies are. However, I am talking about the entire organization. Great companies, much like great sports dynasties, are never down for long and demonstrate continued excellence. Great organizations are composed of individuals that have a collective mindset and shared goals. When the business loses a battle, or even a war (in the figurative sense), it does not dismantle itself or give up. It will reload, reinvent and regain its greatness. This is true across any industry and of companies of many sizes.

I have a specific passion for this theory of reloading because Anthem has replenished and reinvented itself more than once. Like most, we have lost some battles, but we did not waste anytime strategizing to win the next one. In the earliest of years – and even after the early phases – my team has faced tremendous and grave challenges. Some of the greatest threats were created by external factors and world events (and this is well before COVID-19) that are hard to predict or contain. We plan for all scenarios and have contingencies, but at times it is not enough. I believe that the only time one loses is if they stay down after failing. Staying down is what makes one a failure – not the act of failing itself. In the organizational sense and in the team sense, the truly greatest ones are those that not only get back up, but don’t need to rebuild: they just reload quickly and move forward to the next challenge and chance to win.

By Chris Sinclair Founder, The Anthem Group

By Chris Sinclair
Founder, The Anthem Group